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Selecting a Poles

Selecting the proper Pole Vault pole is one of most important elements in Vaulting safely

We only have the “Best” Pole Vaulting Poles in our program that are

made by Gill Athletics.

The sport of Pole Vaulting is not an exact science, but pole vault pole selection becomes easier and more accurate if you consider these factors.

  1. 1.How much does the pole vaulter weigh? High school rules require vaulters to use a pole vault pole that is test-weighted equal to his or her weight.

  1. 2.How high does the vaulter hold the pole vault pole with his/her top hand? High school rules say the top hand cannot be placed above the 1" wide band which is 3-6" from the top of the pole.

  1. 3.What height has the vaulter cleared?

  1. 4.What pole is the pole vaulter using now (brand, test weight, and length of pole)?

  1. 5.How fast is running speed of the vaulter?

  1. 6. Does the vaulter land in the back of the pole vault pit, halfway into the pit, or does he/she barely make it into the pit?

  1. 7.Where does the vaulter place the pole vault standards? Are they all the way back, fairly far back or as far forward as possible? High school rules require standards to be 12"- 32" in back of the vault box. College rules state pole vault standards must be placed 45cm - 80cm in back of the vault box.

  1. 8.Where does the vaulter take-off from the runway? Draw a line straight down from the top hand to the toe of the take-off foot. Does the pole vaulter take-off from that point, or is he/she leaving the runway from inside or outside that line?

9.  An Experienced Coach is very important when training an athlete to become a Pole Vaulter.